Why are you restructuring?

While we have enjoyed great success supplying Kuretake ZIG products, we realise there are new opportunities to meet customer demand with a more diverse product range. Therefore, while we’ll continue to supply Kuretake ZIG product, we want to grow the business further by restructuring the company and meet the demands of an ever-changing market.


Why do you need to rebrand? 

As we will no longer operate as a sole distributor for the Kuretake ZIG brand, a new brand and company structure gives us our own personal identity as we move to operate independently as a brand which supplies a range of sign, art and craft products. Our core values of supplying quality products and delivering a high standard of service remain core priorities that we will transfer to our new brand.


Do I need to be concerned that the business is struggling?

No, the business is performing very well and we have just recorded our best year for sales.


How will your products and service be different?

You will still be able to purchase Kuretake ZIG products, but these changes mean that you’ll be able to choose from a more diverse range of products that offer more variety. Our service will not be affected by these changes.


Will you stock the same range, or more/less?

We will continue to stock the most popular range of Kuretake ZIG products and as we move to a new brand, you’ll have more options to choose from new and exciting product lines from new suppliers. We’re very excited about being able to supply customers with new products that will complement our current product range and add value to you as a customer.


Will your return and refund policies change?

No, our return and refund policies will remain the same.


Will I still be able to shop online at www.kuretakeshop.co.uk?

Yes, you will still be able to purchase Kuretake ZIG items for our online store, along any other new items we bring on board. The web address will be changing after 11th May but you won’t need to do anything as you’ll be automatically re-directed.


Will I still be able to sign into my account at www.kuretakeshop.co.uk?

Yes, all your details will remain the same.


I’m concerned about who will have access to my personal information. Will my details be held by the old company and the new one?

The company is being rebranded, therefore, there will be no transfer of data and it will continue to be maintained in accordance with current legislation.


If I need to contact you about an order or have a query, can I still call 01527 592952 or email you at customerservices@kuretake.co.uk?

While our telephone number will remain unchanged, there will be a difference in email address from @kuretake.co.uk. However, you don’t need to do anything as you will be re-directed to our new email addresses automatically.


Will I still be able to follow you on your current social media channels?

Yes, our social media sites will remain active however, they will also be re-branded where possible and we’ll keep you updated with the changes we making through our social channels, so keep a look out.


Will protection agreements remain in place? Will these cover new items as well as Kuretake Zig?

Protection agreements for Kuretake ZIG products will remain in place.